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These are the committees defined within Southeast Florida Chapter of NIGP, Inc.. Click the view members link or the committee name to see a list of committee members. If visible for a committee, click the More info to view additional information about the committee. If there are subcommittees, a list of subcommittees will be displayed. Click on the name of the subcommittee to view the members.
Chapter Ambassador
Reviews the Treasurer’s records annually and reports the results of the findings to the President. This includes verifying the accuracy of checking and savings account records by reviewing checks issued, and payments received.
Responsible for the preparation of application and submission for annual awards to NIGP on behalf of the Chapter, including but not limited to: Chapter Performance Standard Seal and Outstanding Chapter Awards. Solicits candidates for NIGP Procurement Specialist and Procurement Manager of the Year award for the Chapter, provides recommendation to the Board of Directors for final approval and submission of applications to NIGP. Solicits applications for the Southeast Florida Chapter of NIGP Board of Directors Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Chapter and Profession and provides recommendation to Board of Directors for final approval. Prepares and presents award recognition certificates for Committee Chairs and Board and creates certificates in member profiles on Chapter website for each member.
Reviews the By-laws to gain familiarity and amends as needed with a quorum of regular member approval. Brings a copy of the By-Laws to each Chapter meeting as a reference.
Communications & Newsletter
Informs the Chapter's membership on cultural, educational and, social events and other relevant information and shall prepare, edit, and publish such announcements using the Chapter Website, email notifications, and Chapter social media accounts. Announcements may be in the form of newsletters, flyers, emails, or other mediums. This committee shall write and send articles on the achievements of the Chapter and its members to local newspapers and NIGP and post on the Chapter Website and Chapter social media accounts. President to determine the frequency of updates to the Chapter Website and Chapter social media accounts and format for approval and editing by the Board of Directors. Documents the Chapter activities photographically and preserves them via electronic storage for use on the Chapter website.
Documents the Chapter activities, including formation date, Charter Members, Board of Directors, Committee Chairs and Committee Members, awards received by the Chapter and other notable Chapter information to preserve this information.
Legislative Affairs
Informs membership of recent legislation affecting purchasing professionals on the local, state, and federal level.
Responsible for increasing the Chapter membership and organizing an effective recruitment program and preparing materials for distribution to prospective members. This committee shall work with the Secretary, who shall be an ex-officio member. The Membership Chair shall report delinquent dues to the Secretary for proper notification. The Secretary will send out dues notices, having the money sent to the Treasurer. Receives membership dues applications from Treasurer, prints and mails membership certificates, updates Membership List, which is also given to the Secretary for mass electronic mailings to the membership, sends new member information packets, and updates Member information on the website.
The Nominating Committee shall consist of at least one regular member in good standing and shall be appointed by the President. The committee shall consider and evaluate recommendations from the membership regarding potential candidates for the three offices (Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer). It shall submit a slate of eligible nominees to the President in adequate time to be circulated to the membership. The Nominating Committee shall convene at such times as necessary to develop a slate of eligible candidates to fill positions of officers caused by vacancies. The Nominating Committee shall also solicit Chapter Committees members and nominees to fill vacant, or new, Committee Chair positions and make recommendations to the Board of Directors for final approval.
Professional Development
Responsible for the planning, development, and implementation of programs that further the knowledge and expertise of public procurement personnel, including, but not limited to, educational seminars and courses, certification testing for public procurement personnel, and pre-test review sessions. Prepares Professional Development Registration forms which shall be distributed to the Chapter members via the newsletter and the website. The committee shall be responsible for accepting reservations for the seminars, collecting seminar fees, and turning over funds collected to the Treasurer. This committee shall also be responsible for notifying the Secretary of awards, honors, certifications, and promotions received by members of the Chapter. Additionally, responsible for appointing an on-site Chapter liaison to each seminar. This liaison shall bring items required for the continental breakfast, provide administrative and logistical support, and correct any problems that may occur and help the instructor as needed. To encourage agencies to host educational programs, effective January 1, 2018, the SEFLNIGP Board will pay the registration fee for one person to attend the program being conducted. To claim the courtesy attendance, the hosting agency must request approval for the employee to attend and submit to the Professional Development Chair prior to the date of the program. The class must be confirmed with sufficient attendees. To provide for payment of the courtesy registration fee for the agency hosting the program, with the approval of the Professional Development Chair, the Treasurer shall reimburse the agency for the class or pay for the class registration with the Chapter P-Card if the agency prefers.
Responsible for planning and arranging programs for the Chapter's regular meetings, including topics of interest, arranging for speakers, and audio visual aids.
Reverse Trade Show
Responsible for the planning, developing, and implementation of the Chapter sponsored Reverse Trade Show. Duties include site selection, marketing program, event format, management of registration and outreach to public procurement professionals to participate.
Responsible for reviewing and approving scholarship applications and authorizing reimbursement of funds in accordance with the by-laws.
Strategic Planning
Responsible for updating the NIGP Strategic Planning Initiatives and Mission of the Southeast Florida Chapter. The committee will review and update the Strategic Plan initiatives each year, to best respond to the Chapter’s needs. The committee shall also survey the members of the Southeast Florida Chapter each year to understand their needs and requirements.
Time and Place
This committee shall be responsible for arranging meeting locations and coordinating with the caterer to provide breakfast items and lunch and cleanup of food and beverage items after the meeting. The committee shall be responsible for setting up Chapter meetings on the Chapter website to accept reservations and payment for the meetings. Cash or check payments for meeting fees paid at the meeting shall be collected by the Time & Place Committee and forwarded to the Treasurer.
The purpose of this Committee is to form and manage an organized network of Procurement Professionals mentors across the career lifespan, to mentor identified mentees in career development and professional growth. This committee should align (when possible) with the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing (NIGP) Mentorship Program.
The Outreach Committee shall consist of at least one regular member in good standing and shall be appointed by the President. The committee shall engage with the educational entities in the chapter’s geographic area to develop awareness and promote the Procurement profession as a career path. The committee shall develop and disseminate promotional literature related to the procurement profession, and participate in on-campus events such as Career Day.
The Philanthropic Committee shall consist of at least one regular member in good standing and shall be appointed by the President. The intent of this committee to lead the membership in activities designed to bring benefit to the chapter’s geographic area. This committee will plan no less than two events per calendar year for the members to attend and participate in. Committee may also recommend to the Board monetary donations to local charities as needed.
Responsible for Chapter website to provide information about the organization to members, potential trade show attendees and provide resources and links to related sites for its members. The website liaison serves as the primary point of contact for information to be included on the website, assures the content of the website is current and complete and oversees maintenance, design and administration of the website.


Southeast Florida Chapter

The Southeast Florida Chapter of NIGP, Inc. is a non-profit association dedicated to the advancement of the public procurement profession in the South Florida region.

An affiliate of the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing (NIGP), the chapter offers members the educational, professional development and networking opportunities they require to efficiently and ethically carry out their responsibilities. Our members are purchasing officers, agents, buyers, managers and others associated with public sector procurement.

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